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1) to have a turtle head pop from one's rectum before underpants are removed

2) to break wind with more force than expected, and to cause fecal matter to come in to contact with one's underpants before being able to suck it back in
Oh Dave, that sounded like a wet one...did you touch cloth?
by Borne September 23, 2004
One usually "touches cloth" when he/she passes gas and pokes out a turtle head while their pants are still on them. Then a peice of poo then touches their underwear leaving a small stain. This is usually uncomfortable to walk around with.
Dude, I floated an air biscuit and touched cloth.
by Applesaucelord December 15, 2004
to be near the point of defecating in one's pants after waiting too long
You should not have to wait til you touch cloth because they are repairing the sink. Use the hand sanitizer.
by The Return of Light Joker July 25, 2010
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