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Total Education (known as "Total ED", or more commonly "Total" by its students) is an alternative learning facility located in Vancouver, British Columbia, for students that aren't compatible with mainstream school. It hosts grades 10 to 12.

About 80% of the students there smoke cigarettes. About 95% are actually really fucking nice people. There's a lot of metalheads and artists.

Generally, the typical student at Total will have had either drug issues, mental health issues, behaviour issues, etc. Our school's a little crazy. But we like it that way, and being around people who have struggled with the same things you have is extremely therapeutic.

The general attitude amongst the students is that they love their school. You always hear people saying how much they like it here. Our school was hosted at Tupper for a while because our school had a fire, and pretty much everybody completely hated it and all the students in it. But we're back, and everyone's happy.
Guy1: Hey, what school do you go to?
Guy2: I go to Total Ed. It's fuckin' awesome.
by littledeath March 30, 2012
A insurance term that describes the condition of a damaged car beyond repair or not worth repairing.

BUT, instead of cars....we took this same word and use it to describe someone that is very visually disturbing, unattractive and just plain UGLY.
Wow, she is TOTALED!!!!!! I would never date her!!!
by TurtLe On The Track November 09, 2011
When you totally screw up your car. And there is nothing you can possably do to be able to afford to fix it right away
The Mustang in 2fast 2furious got frickin totaled
by Amber September 01, 2003
Completely and utterly destroyed. Non-functional. Esp a car.
"I hit a tree in my Mustang."
"DUDE! It must have gotten totaled!"
by Lezard Valeth September 01, 2003
when the pimply faced boy gets drunk and crashes his parents car until you can never have seent that it was a fucking buick
he totaled the car and his dad killed him.
by asian September 08, 2003
Completely destroyed.
"Dude, that drunk drive totaled my car!"
by Quaght September 01, 2003