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JTM is short, text-messaging speak for: je t'aime ("I love you" in French).

This is popular in texting culture in French speaking countries.
Dan often sends his girlfriend, Michelle, a quick "JTM" text when he thinks of her during the day.
by gtbarry February 04, 2009
Someone who can stay up and party all night long and then wake up and take care of business in the morning.
Dude, I was partying HARD until four in the morning but showered and went to work for an eight o'clock meeting - cause I'm a rockstar.
by gtbarry January 07, 2009
Being treated as if you were a boyfriend in all the emotional ways, but not in the physical ways
Dan is now boyfriend without benefits with Michelle since she decided they should stop dating and be "just friends."
by gtbarry October 31, 2007
a situation in which there is no chance of winning. See also....modern day version of this term is "iraq"
"Honey, does this make me look fat?"

"I am so not answering that. You are NOT getting me into THAT vietnam."
by gtbarry July 30, 2008
verb. female equivalent of a cock block
Despite Dan's repeated request to Rosie to meet with her friend Lisa, he never met up with Lisa because Rosie booby trapped his attempts because she had a crush on him.
by gtbarry July 20, 2008
(noun) A Colombian minute is equal to about six minutes in real time to anyone not from Colombia.
My Colombian friend Dan is always running late. When he says he will be there "in ten minutes" you have about an hour to kill since he means Colombian minutes.
by gtbarry September 08, 2008
Noun. Male breasts on a heay set male. Usually as a result of being overweight. Origin: based on professional golfer Phil Mickelson's ample bosom.
Check out that dude's rack. He's got a total Mickelson!
by gtbarry July 06, 2006
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