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A turd that is left in the toilet when some ignoramous doesn't flush.
I walked into the john to be greeted by someone's sea pickle in the bowl!
by Larryfun August 11, 2005
A dump so enormous that one must flush the toilet twice to get it all down.
Excuse me folks but I must hit the can. This could be a two flusher!
by Larryfun September 10, 2005
Homosexual who partakes in the act of oral sex with another fellow.
That Elton John is a big time bonesmoker
by Larryfun August 08, 2005
Very crude description that you are about to go in and take a shit.
Chris is heading into the can to back the big brown caddie out of the garage!
by Larryfun September 07, 2005
One who resides in a subsidized or low rent rental or welfare unit.
Look at that guy over there..he's a low rent Louie for sure!
by Larryfun August 08, 2005
A male who engages in the practice of inserting his penis into the anal cavity of another of the same sex.
Sir Elton John is a butt plumber.
by Larryfun August 11, 2005
Term used to describe the male sexual organ.
Tonight she going for a ride on my Bolonga Pony!
by Larryfun August 11, 2005
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