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the ultimate in high Canadian fashion. worn year round whether it's cold or warm outside. and yes it does get warm in Canada!
"I never leave the house without a nice toque on my head"
by k.david September 24, 2003
The proper name for a warm winter hat, traditionally knitted but now available in numerous materials
It was cold out so I wore my toque but some window-licking, seat biter formerly from Indy - now living in Texas - calls them beanies (he is slow, leave him be)

by Toque not beanie September 14, 2007
Noun. A name for a knitted hat that one would wear during the winter. Americans call it a beanie . It was originally knitted but now is made out of many different kinds of materials. They are used to keep your head and ears warm during the winter in Canada. Now, though, they are worn all year long. Part of a style of clothing. There are many different designs. Some only cover the top of your ears, some have large flaps down to cover your ears, some sit back on your head and are loose, etc. Toque is a french word.
Sick toque bro, don't lose it when we go boarding!
by M=M December 30, 2010
A toque is a warm hat, usually worn in the winter time.
"Make sure you wear your toque, it's cold out today."

"Put your toque on when you go out."

"I like your new toque."
by Chegan' October 31, 2014
A girl with a massive bush sits on your head and it resembles a toque. Particularly popular in Canada where there are long cold winters
Usually happens during foreplay.

Ex) "man it was so cold last night when I was with jessica"
"did she give you a toque?"
by The Voyageur August 27, 2013
in Mexico, toque, or toke, means a joint, a marijuana cigarrete, grass, weed, etc
"vamos a darnos un toque" means let's have a joint
by Zerimar July 22, 2005
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