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the ultimate in high Canadian fashion. worn year round whether it's cold or warm outside. and yes it does get warm in Canada!
"I never leave the house without a nice toque on my head"
by k.david September 24, 2003
Pornography from foreign countries.
"I'm so sick of Debbie Does Dallas all the time, i'm gonna pick up some forn this time"
by k.david September 24, 2003
Completely devoid of situational sanity. Just plain nuts!
"so i won season tickets to the Raptors today"
"Dude!! that's remothabloodyfrickindiculous!!!"
by k.david September 24, 2003
1) Something that's so bad it's good.
2) Something that's so good it's bad.
"Dude, Saved By The Bell the College Years is on!! Now that's some good crap!"
by k.david September 24, 2003
a whole hell of a lot. a large amount.
"that cost me a puttload of cash"
by k.david September 22, 2003
to go somewhere. to head out for a night on the town.
"aigh't guys, let's parlay"
by k.david September 24, 2003
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