Defecating into the upper tank of a toilet
That was a lame ass house party and the host pissed me off. So, I took a Top-Shelf before I went home...
by danantnap April 28, 2009
Verb - The act of dropping a steaming dump into the water tank of a toilet. It's very important to replace the tank cover and leave the room as if nothing happened. Each future flush will reinvigorate the stench of slowly eroding water tank dump.
Frat Guy 1, "Did you end up fighting those guys at that party last night?"

Frat Guy 2, "Naw, I top shelfed those bastards... they'll be smelling that fudge for weeks!"
by vandyu97 February 19, 2009
High quality alcohol. The most expensive of it's type.
Get me a Grey Goose and cranberry. I only drink top shelf Vodka.

person 1: I got wasted off of cheap Tequila last weekend. I had a nasty hangover!

person 2: Well, that's what you get for not drinking top shelf.
by Gary October 21, 2004
In hockey, the top area of the net.
Cloutier dived for a pad save but Calgary scored on the top shelf.
by Molasses July 03, 2004
when u take off the top part of a toilet and shit in there.
dude go top shelf that shit.
by lkldjjsk June 30, 2004
to go poop in the top part of a toilet, ensuring a funky odor for days and plenty of laughs.
i took a top shelf in stves toilet hell be pissed
by max powers March 22, 2003
1)Generally refers to expensive liquor kept in a liquor store behind the counter on the top shelf so no one can rip it off.

2) can also be used to describe anything that is made up of prime ingredients: marajuana, pussy, hardware, anything really.
1) These margaritas are made with top shelf tequila!

2) A: This is the best weed I have ever smoked!
B: I was saving it for a rainy day, straight off the top shelf.
by dracula July 02, 2004

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