When one takes a crap in the water tank of a toilet. This is usually done as a party prank or as a method of smiting one's enemies. It's a real pain to clean out, stinks like hell, and makes the toilet flush brown for days.
That guy wouldn't give me a beer at the party at his house last night, so I gave him a top shelf.
by Durendal April 18, 2004
Great or best, highest in quality and value.
The really top-shelf stores are all on Rodeo Drive.
#gourmet #best #excellent #quality #value #high-class
by Erin Montgomery April 30, 2010
When two men engage in double penetration (DP) of a female the man in the top hole is going "top shelf".
Dude, I'm down to DP this chick with you but I'm calling top shelf all the way. I don't want your bag slapping all over me.
#top shelves #topping shelf #tsdp #top hole #top star
by nemensclubmpls February 10, 2012
Expressing somthing as super awesome and or hot.
Somthing that is dank.
Wow dude that chick is "Top Shelf"
dude this dank is "Top Shelf"
#dank #weed #sweet #sticky #hot
by Jacob Soltero January 10, 2012
A topshelf occurs when one defecates on the bathroom counter, typically right next to the sink. A good topshelf is decorated with either a cocktail sword or a cocktail umbrella, depending on the topshelfer's preference.
On my last day at my old job, I topshelfed the office bathroom!
#top shelf #topshelve #dump #shit #prank
by B Young August 14, 2006
When a female is sitting on your face, you lift her up to get tongue access to her butt hole.
Caity was sitting on my face last night so I put that bitch up on the top shelf
#somf #salad toss #cunnalingus #chocolate starfish #rim job
by 9kButtEater July 12, 2012
Getting head on top of a parking structure.
Alex Koukov got Top Shelf the other night.
#top #shelf #head #blow job #bj #koukov
by DJ Clowney July 22, 2010
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