-anal sex with a woman.
While doing it doggy-style he pulled out his penis and decided to go top shelf.
by mdiaz April 28, 2005
basically the porn section of a mag section in a shop, dont look here unless u want dirrty looks
faye! that guy was just lookin at the top shelf!
by laura July 03, 2004
1. In refference to the publications located on said shelf.

2. Meaning good.
Patron: "where iz da porn innit"
Clerk: "on the top shelf"

bloke: "you got the deal"
Alan Partridge: "Top shelf!"
by pab June 30, 2004
Contrary to popular opinion, Top Shelf is actually a high-five maneuver, usually given as a command... Not to be confused with the low or mid versions of the "five"
Also synonymous with Fiver
"Dude, I can't believe your boinking that chick from behind while I'm pumpin her mouth, "Top Shelf dude!" *clap*
(this in turn creates the coveted H-Clap
by Jimbo Dee January 07, 2009
Not to be confused with the Upper Decker, the Top Shelf is when one delivers his package to an unsuspecting mark's person or property to exact retribution upon a buster's skullduggeries and/or shortcomings.
Ex. 1 (body): That bitch-ass trick Lindsay Lohan was passed out in a coke induced coma, so I top shelfed her forehead while she fished out.

Ex. 2 (property): That mark-ass mutherfucker Jet was being a punk bitch on the phone with some wack-ass ho, so I top shelfed his margarita while he wasn't looking after sweating all day at the beach.
by John "D-Swings" DeCroce August 27, 2007
The highest quality that is usually only liquor. Usually the liquor is literally on the top shelf.
Give me your top shelf vodka.
by Travis Sickle June 30, 2004
To choke and or cough while inhaling smoke, usually from Marijuana.
I'll pass the blunt, but don't top shelf it.
by Alex June 30, 2004

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