Women hired for sex, also known as a Prostitute.
Yo, seen that girl by the track, think shes a toot.
by Beeks April 25, 2008
A fat cannabis blunt, not a joint or a wrap, cigar only
Yo lets sit around and smoke toots all day.
I set a record yesterday, smoking nine toots.
by DPags August 10, 2009
Toot- is a shortened term for the word prostitute.
~Last night this toot tried to give me head, I had to smack that bitch.
by kamyre August 19, 2004
A joint of cannabis, grass or hash
Would you be up for a toot later on?

We just chilled out in my house and had a few toots.
by Mossticles September 11, 2007
1. extremely small or cute
2. of a homosexual nature
1. Dude, you see that asian chicks toot lil ass?
2. Damn, Duran Duran. How toot.
by McDooby April 18, 2004
A substantive reward given to a sexual partner usually in the form of an illicit drug.
She let me know she had standards when she whispered in my ear "No root, No toot".
by Michael L Herlihy March 01, 2008
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