Women hired for sex, also known as a Prostitute.
Yo, seen that girl by the track, think shes a toot.
by Beeks April 25, 2008
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"yo ima roll up some toots"
by higherprimates. January 28, 2012
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1) A girl who rudely farts (or sharts) in her pants in a repetitive fashion.

2) The name given to any girl who is so unsuccesful that they convince themselves that their entire life is a lie and thus projects this onto every person around her.

3) A word also synonomous with slut or skank.
-That girl just farted in class, what a TOOTS.
-Shes just pullin a TOOTS again lying about all these scholarships.
-That girl took it in the face, shes a TOOTS.
by toots19 May 26, 2009
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to take a small puff of someone else's cigarette
ed had a toot of cory's smoke .
by amandabateman March 09, 2006
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Sup brah you like smoke some toots ah you facka?
by Gary89 July 29, 2008
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to engage in sexual intercourse with another person.
Dude, i tooted that bitch hardcore last night!
by Juansy November 30, 2010
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crack cocaine
devils dariff
im getten a oz of chauch tonight
yeah i love the choo
by kingfuckensnake March 03, 2003
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