A term meaning "let's get high."
"Wanna go for toots?"
by Stoner Girl January 04, 2014
Toot, in other words, Ten Out Of Ten (10/10). This can be used in replacement for any description of something amazing.
Oh this that road dome I just got was TOOT
Dude, Im finna cop some of that road dome too
by Kushmaster691991 January 31, 2010
Toot is the noise made when a person blows their car horn
Many motorists give a toot on the horn, and wave of the hand, when driving through a main street in a country market town if they spot a friend.
by St. Ias October 26, 2005
Slang word for Cocaine
"Hey man want some toot?"
by Jon Phoenix June 29, 2014
Toot is a slang name for Cocaine.
Plank says "Where can we get some toot from?"

Billy says in response " Ring Gripper ! Apparently he's got some banging toot"
by Dirty Birty March 03, 2014
a child that is stubborn and strong-willed in a cute way
Little Mary Beth is a toot!---she didn't want to eat her cereal so she blew a raspberry with a mouthful of cereal and then laughed after it spattered Mama on the face.
by oneletterK May 24, 2011
to engage in sexual intercourse with another person.
Dude, i tooted that bitch hardcore last night!
by Juansy November 30, 2010

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