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Similar to LOL but i realised that when i am at my computer i generally don't "Laugh Out Loud". I kind of snort air out my nose and move my head back a little at the same time. Hence the term "Nose Snort Thing" or "NST".
When Someone Tells a joke that isnt that funny and you have to make some sort of a response so you dont hurt their feelings. Thats when you do the NST.
by Dylan Bermingham, Emma Gorrie March 06, 2007
Nigga-Standard Time. It is the time zone/ time schedule that in no way reflects quoted times. Commonly used by the perpetually late when meeting up. There is no exact translation or ratio to those on a schedule, so you just have to deal with it.
EX 1:
Guy 1: "Alright, I'll be there in twenty minutes." *1 hour later." Guy 2: "I told you he wouldn't be here yet, he's on that NST bro..."

EX 2:
Guy 1: "Alright, give me ten minutes, NST."
Guy 2: "Alright so I'll just wait here for half of my life while you're getting involved in what you are doing and forget about me."
by pineapplesandpine July 10, 2015
NST - Notorious Stone Treys, a gang that was formed in Miami, Broward County. Consisting of BDs under I( Insane Black Disiciples ) & GDs ( Gangster Disicples ). They are disciples united unlike Chicago, and are against anyone who claims D-K and ally any disciples. Spanish Gangster Disicples, Black Disicples, Black Gangster Disicples etc. They are rivals to Vice Lords & Mickey Cobras. They also claim the name "Southwest BanGo Disiciples." They claim Die 5 but ally with some finballers.
We NST since youngin.
NST, all disicples stay together.
by TLMD May 22, 2016
No Service Texting. When you're up in the mountains or somewhere like IKEA where you have no service but still try to text someone.
Person 1: Hey, I texted you an hour ago, but you didn't respond.
Person 2: Sorry. I was at IKEA. Tried to NST you back.
by Pawleene Pinkieshy November 03, 2015
Acronym for No Shit Talking
Me: Omg..where is Regina Phalange's head lately? (NST intended)

Brit: I have no idea..but, I think she's doing it for attention (also NST)
by NikiWithOneK April 23, 2012
Non-Stop Talking Syndrome. The type of person who you can't stand to be around because they just won't stop talking.

AKA: SUPER-diarrhea of the mouth.
Veronika: O hello. How are you doing. What time you want eat dearest next year? Do you know what is going on in Russia right now. It's quite fascinating. As a matter of fact, those Chinese people are taking over the world. O blyhtz yup toy o matz. Sorry boss cookies are one minute late. Oh no what should I -

Ben: Well actually, I believe based on what I learned in AP Euro that the Chinese are slightly behind the Japanese, who actually just were majorly damaged by a tsunami. Oh man, I just realized that reminds me, I got a 99 on my Euro test today even though everyone else got less than an 80. I'm gonna try to fight for the point. Hmm...

Francesco: Uhhhhhh, I'm gonna kill myself! STFU its like you have NSTS or something.
by Double Deucer April 15, 2011
short for "north side of the tracks."
The NST of the rivshow is the best thing since groy.
by jeleski June 10, 2010
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