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the best friend anyone could ever ask for. trust her with anything and she wont let you down. the most gangster white woman you will ever see; extremely nice and caring. Also see: Awesome, Homie, and lylah

lylah susanna (:
"she is almost as good as susanna"
by i<3livvy May 01, 2009
The best roommate anyone could ask for; will give you oranges when you are sick; will lay in bed and watch movies all day
That girl is such a Susanna!
by C-field 13 December 10, 2009
Hair like a lions mane. an amazon woman, sex comes natureally to her. She is usually tall and the perfect hourglass shape. in other words: ALTAMATE SEX MACHINE! tends to love mermaids and run naked through fields. a Susanna thrives on sunshine and will be destroyed without it. Also she needs her love of life with the inhuman blue eyes to hold her. She is loyal to the utmost.
Wow that girl has Susanna hair!

No that wasn't an orgasm, that was a Susannasm!
by MagicWoman February 03, 2010
amazing. pretty. the girl that always makes you smile, who makes happiness happen.
by ehufibjlkdnfrwliuyghfjkerwgliu December 09, 2010
A Susanna is a perfect definition of what a woman should be. Susannas usually have blonde or light colored hair, either dyed or natural. Susannas usually have amazing personalities and are very sensitive to other peoples feelings. Also their great taste in music makes them highly desirable women. If you date a Susanna, consider yourself lucky, because you might not get the honor again.
Wow Susanna is so pretty.

Dang, I wish my hair was as luscious as Susannas.
by Billabongsurfer April 06, 2013
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