when you want to claim something or to do something before someone else RB
BUGSY! going on the swing first!
by DV'RB October 02, 2011
Someone who 'burrows' themselves from real life situations, someone who is afraid of either revealing/facing/accepting the truth, by digging, or 'burrowing' themselves into holes to hide secrets, normally such things like homosexuality. The word 'Bugsy' coming from a common Rabbits name, which are known for 'burrowing'/digging holes.
'Dude, have you heard about Toby? He's gay?'
'Nah he told me it wasn't true,'
'Trust me, I've seen pics, he's definatily being a bit Bugsy.'
by Tracey Sue July 16, 2009
1)when a girl is overbearing or annoying, e.g. too emotionally attached, too soon, talks too much, etc.
2)a girl who is bugsy
1)"How was your date last night?"
"Man, what a whip. That girl is bugsy!"
2)"This girl won't stop calling me; what a bugsy."
by Nozah April 01, 2007
When a fat lady is getting ate out and she screams but while screaming the fat on her throat makes the scream deeper, disgusting, and sometimes cracking.
"Emily please don't get all bugsy on me tonight if i go downtown on you.
by Jason Nigalopolis December 12, 2009
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