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n. The male genitalia; penis
"I have a big tonker"

"He did WHAT with his tonker?!"

by TouchMyTralala February 21, 2006
Big, strong and muscular. Large and powerful.
yo! - check the guns on that tyrone!!! - nigga iz tonkers!!!!!
by dchohan March 26, 2008
Tonkers is another term for a woman's breasts. It can be used in casual or formal jargin.
Yo, check out those tonkers!
by Olegna Piano May 28, 2008
A homosexual male; the male equivalent of a lesbian
(the term "gay" or "homosexual" can be used to describe both males and females but "tonker" is strictly male)
"As the election nears, the debate over tonker and lesbian marriage is a popular issue."

"I think Bryan is a tonker... he sucked that dude off"
by smoothsailing August 29, 2012
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