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The nipple pert of a woman's chest. Although tits/tities has come to mean the entire breast, it technically means just the nipple. Trust me, I have two.
"Suckin on my tities like you wanted me callin me..."-Peaches
by scraper, our hookah March 01, 2006
151 91
A girls boobs or breasts if you will.
person:Damn that girls has got some nice tities!

person2: Man I know, she's so fine!
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
572 247
Nice looking breasts, boobs or female chest.
She has nice tities
by King_Chicken October 07, 2003
254 111
The bane of my existecne
damn! i just wish i can suck on those tities! DAMN!
by Mr.Seaman October 26, 2003
226 132
A word used by immature boys when describing a female breast

plural tities
Hey look at her tities! they are big!
by FreeFallingDrumz June 03, 2005
123 73
sex cusions
jesse holbrook has nice tities
by ozz November 04, 2003
118 92
cool or awesome
Thats tities.
by dune_koon August 22, 2009
35 26