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A girls boobs or breasts if you will.
person:Damn that girls has got some nice tities!

person2: Man I know, she's so fine!
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
Urban and popular way of saying all right.
person: Yo wanna hit the clubs later?

other person: Aight so i'll call you.
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
wtf normally means what the fuck?
But you can use any of the 5 w's in place of what.
Dude1: Yo dude2 man can hook me up wit that girl in your class?
dude 2: Wtf eueuuwwwwww why? She's so ugly.

ex 2: Dude im goind to the AMC later wanna come wit?

dude2: Wtf is the AMC.
In this example the w stands for where.
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
Yo crunk can mean crazy and drunk put in one word. It really means like really hype, fun and energized most of the time.
Yo Matt that was a really crunk party last night.

Hell ya you know it.
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004

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