Something that is perfct or sweet
dude that car is tities
by DID March 03, 2006
someone who has BIG TITIES!
by wweeerrr July 13, 2005
When something is unreasonably cool or nips.
Steve: bro, I just got Madden 08!
Larry: Ah, tities!
by Prince Fielder August 16, 2007
A AUDI TT most used in the online game nfs2
your tity is bad ass
by chris3412 March 17, 2006
The are to dangley objects loacated on the chest of a woman ( depends on how old you are, they might dangle down to the floor ).
My m8 PAM, i know u r thinkin "i don't know her u stupid twat, so how the hell should i know wot she is like?", well lads or lasses ( mmmmmm ) imagan Denise Richards.
by Michael January 27, 2004
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