A word used by immature boys when describing a female breast

plural tities
Hey look at her tities! they are big!
by FreeFallingDrumz June 03, 2005
Top Definition
A girls boobs or breasts if you will.
person:Damn that girls has got some nice tities!

person2: Man I know, she's so fine!
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
Nice looking breasts, boobs or female chest.
She has nice tities
by King_Chicken October 07, 2003
The bane of my existecne
damn! i just wish i can suck on those tities! DAMN!
by Mr.Seaman October 26, 2003
The nipple pert of a woman's chest. Although tits/tities has come to mean the entire breast, it technically means just the nipple. Trust me, I have two.
"Suckin on my tities like you wanted me callin me..."-Peaches
by scraper, our hookah March 01, 2006
sex cusions
jesse holbrook has nice tities
by ozz November 04, 2003
cool or awesome
Thats tities.
by dune_koon August 22, 2009

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