The name of Paris Hilton's chiwahwah doggie.
woah did you see Tinkerbell just shit on Paris' Versace dress?

Now that's hot
by Rosefan June 22, 2005
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Tinkerbell - also known as 'Tinks': A small, hyperactive girl who likes to play with the fairies. Fairies are a tinkerbell's best friend, these are the people she loves the most and so refers to as fairies...
Tinkerbell may be prone to dressing up as a fairy (tutu, wings, ballet shoes ets.) and giving out magical wishes.
ah ya know the ones. small, annoyingly energetic, bouncy, blonde, small, small...
by alice February 22, 2005
a pixie type like fairy who at one point was simply a guide used by peterpan to travel from the neverland to the real world. disney has commercialized her and now she has become nothing but a lying cunt who lies to children about dreams coming true while presenting false hope. research has shown that such lies can greatly affect young children psychologically.
child: will i ever be able to walk?

tinkerbell: yes! yes! dreams CAN come true.

the world: bullshit...
by tubtito November 20, 2008
Tinkerbell is a light weight who can easily get drunk off of a bottle of wine. They are usually people have a second personality that is hidden from the rest of the world in their sober state. Tinkerbells are usually laughed at by their flatmates and friends when their second personality appears.
That girl is such a tinkerbell
by Flat 53 November 13, 2014
A Beautiful, Clueless Girl That Loves To Laugh, And Dance And Sing! Most People Think She Is A Slut, Beautiful Blue Eyes, Black or Blonde Hair,Loved By Her Friends.
"Shelby Is My Tinkerbell"
by Shelbytinkerbells February 17, 2008
May not always be what she seems. Beautiful, smart, trustworthy on the outside. But all that sparkly fairy dust she has just spreads chaos. Never a good friend, will act like she's there for you but she's got a knife ready in her hand. Beware, you might easily be fooled, then have your heart lashed out. Not all pretty fairies play nice; especially not this she-devil in disguise.
Kate: I can't believe she slept with my boyfriend! She set me up with him, she picked my outfit for our first date, she said I could tell her anything.
Marie: Shoulda listened when I warned you she was a Tinkerbell.
by Truthkillsslowly May 08, 2013
Tinker-bell {verb} \ˈtiŋ-kər\ - \ˈbel\ : is a bizaar new kinky fetish using a pump or electric suction device on the female genitalia. The vacuum seal creates copious swelling of the labia majora and labia manora. The suction device is removed once optimal pumping has been achieved. The vagina will now present a significant protrusion, with ample saturated nether regions. This engorgement of the genitals will only last a limited amount of time. Due to the extreme concentration of blood surrounding the Vulva women delightedly reported bravado like climaxes. In contrast with an uber sensitive erect like clitoris's. Lastly a stellar sebaceous release.
Tinker-belling before anticipated intercourse is appreciated, for novice clitoris seekers. ~ present participle

'Dick finally realized that the clitoris is not a myth since his girlfriend began to tinker bell. ~ infinitive : to tinker bell

'Did you just tinker bell? Or are you just happy to see me'

'The vortex like suction created by Jane's new pussy pumper, could easily create a proverbial zenith dimension caused by excessive tinker belling.'
by The witty penis fly trap October 06, 2013

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