Tinkerbelling is when a pixie stick is poured into someones anus and is then eaten out buy another person. normally a female since tinkerbell was also a female. if the person receiving would pass gas creating a cloud of pixie dust, this would be referred to as "fairy dusting."
I had to wash my ass for an extra hour today.
My girlfriend tinkerbelled be me and sugar was stuck in my ass.

Last night i fairy dusted my girlfriend. it was an awkward breakfast.
by killf8ce November 19, 2009
Tinkerbell is when a guy hangs from a light fixture and jerks-off all over a girl, much like how tinkerbell spread her pixie dust all over wendy and the boys who went to never never land. This is usually preceded by a peter pan and sometimes followed by a Captain Hook.
I tinkerbelled on your mom more than a Disney movie.
by Skippy April 05, 2005
A rollerblader, one who actively participates in the sport of strapping a line of wheels to one's feet.
Skateboarder 1: "Dude, check out that tinkerbell over there"
Skateboarder #2: "yeah, I wish I had a set of legs like that guy."
by scott May 07, 2004
The man, god, also known as Randy Moss. Tinkerbell owns all those who step in his way. Tinkerbell has a team, "Team Tink" he does whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Also Tinkerbell is the #2 RPS player in the nation a feat very few can reach.
Randy Moss is the best example that comes to mind
by theman December 05, 2003
1) usually a blonde boy that is incredibly horny.

2) a horny blonde boy wanting sex from you.
Hey Katie, did you see Aarron today? He was lookin hot as hell. But he was a total tinker bell today. He even told me! LoL
by =BAM= February 01, 2006
nelyn mae obod, a hyperactive always singing and walking and talking and singing and singing and singing girl
mae is a tinkerbell by heart that it amuses us and entetains us when we become sleepy at work
by munli December 01, 2005
a womans Vaginal clitoris, joy spot
he licked her tinker bell till it made her shake
by barkey May 31, 2006
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