Tinker-bell {verb} \ˈtiŋ-kər\ - \ˈbel\ : is a bizaar new kinky fetish using a pump or electric suction device on the female genitalia. The vacuum seal creates copious swelling of the labia majora and labia manora. The suction device is removed once optimal pumping has been achieved. The vagina will now present a significant protrusion, with ample saturated nether regions. This engorgement of the genitals will only last a limited amount of time. Due to the extreme concentration of blood surrounding the Vulva women delightedly reported bravado like climaxes. In contrast with an uber sensitive erect like clitoris's. Lastly a stellar sebaceous release.
Tinker-belling before anticipated intercourse is appreciated, for novice clitoris seekers. ~ present participle

'Dick finally realized that the clitoris is not a myth since his girlfriend began to tinker bell. ~ infinitive : to tinker bell

'Did you just tinker bell? Or are you just happy to see me'

'The vortex like suction created by Jane's new pussy pumper, could easily create a proverbial zenith dimension caused by excessive tinker belling.'
by The witty penis fly trap October 06, 2013
while a girl is sucking your dick you secretly have a hand full of glitter in your hand behind your back. just before you cum you pull out and shoot your load in her face and then immediately after throw the glitter in her face.
like if your getting a bj form your art teacher you can turn it into a tinkerbell.
by race johnson March 25, 2011
thingys seen by crazy people flying and giving blowjobs
yeah baby thiers tinkerbells outside giveing blowjobs for a doller
by beaner4206986 June 28, 2006
when a man ejaculates on a person, then simultaneously takes a fist full of glitter and or sparkles, and then lightly and gracefully onto that said person.
Daren:" Bro, did you see that girl i left with last night?
Alex:"Ya man she was hot"
Daren: "I took her back to my place and tinker belled her right in the face,
That bitch was glowing"
Alex: "I bet she believes in fairies now"
by Bofina and Shanaynay March 05, 2014
When u cum on a girl's face and you sprinkler her with glitter and tell her to fly.
I tinkerbell the shit out of her last night
by Grncard_refugee May 25, 2014
A term or alias used to describe the way somebody runs on the court.

This is usually done with your arms bent upwards and your hand sitting out while you run, just like little wings.

They can also can be called 'tinks' or 'tinkers'.
Benji: Hey dude, did you win basketball?
Craig: Nah man, we lost by 12 points.
Benji: Maybe it's because you run like a fucking fairy, Tinkerbell.
by benjiUØCH August 26, 2007
When a girl sucks off a guy so that his dick is nice and wet (this can also be achieved by natural fucking). The guy then takes a bunch of pixie sticks (or sugar, or cocaine, anything to symbolize pixie-dust) and pours it down right between her tits. He then titty-fucks her so that all of the sugar gets on his dick and sticks. Then, the girl sucks all of the sugar off of his dick through the form of another sloppy blow job.
My girlfriend has one hell of a sweet tooth. She let me Tinkerbell her three times last night.
by Scrye March 12, 2009

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