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One of the first children's television show featuring minorities; blacks, to be more specific, who lived on an island with a giant yellow frog.
person one: Gullah Gullah Island was one of the first tv shows featuring minorities.

person two: did you have to say it so loud?

person one: i didn't realize that we were still afraid to use the word minority in this day and age.
by tubtito November 20, 2008
a pixie type like fairy who at one point was simply a guide used by peterpan to travel from the neverland to the real world. disney has commercialized her and now she has become nothing but a lying cunt who lies to children about dreams coming true while presenting false hope. research has shown that such lies can greatly affect young children psychologically.
child: will i ever be able to walk?

tinkerbell: yes! yes! dreams CAN come true.

the world: bullshit...
by tubtito November 20, 2008

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