A girl who is easily the most beautiful girl you'll ever lay your eyes on. She has beautiful dark eyes and flowing hair, an amazing ass and a damn sexy figure. All the guys want her.
Player 1: Man... Tina's so beautiful... I think I'm gonna... Faint...
Player 2: HEY! Hold it together bro! *slaps*
by Backstreet Badass January 15, 2014
Very smart, very sexy, cutest dimples, loves to work and make her own money, has children, acts like a blonde at times, takes a lot to get her mad, doesn't like to fight but will if she has too, has a lot of brothers, is faithful only if he's faithful, is not materialistic unless it was her money that was spent, has a few friends that she's really close to, and to top it all off her sex is the best and men can fall in love with her quickly and easily.
Tina is the best at what she does.
Tina's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and damn right it's better than yours!!
by MsSmartyPants December 09, 2014
The opposite of a cock-block.
Shayla pulled a Tina when she told Christie to invite Jared to hang out with them because she knew the two could go back to the empty house where he was house sitting.
by Ameliantha June 23, 2011
Funny SHORT asian girl. Loves to talk a lot of nonsense.

Loves Chinese food and can't stop talking about it.
Tina: Guess what?
Friend: What?
Tina: I had Chinese food :D
by bformvalentine August 06, 2011
A beautiful asian girl, who's as sweet as candy.
"Awmg i LOVE Tina"
"REALLY? Me too!"
by HispanicSenpai June 09, 2016
Acronym for overused phrase "There Is No Alternative".

Recent circulation is due to former U.K. P.M. Margaret "Milk Snatcher / Mine Shutter" Thatcher.

Now often used by numerous unimaginitive politicians desperate to forward yet another bad idea.

When heard the phrase "A Thousand Ways To Skin Cat" should be repeated loudly until said politician stops talking.
"Poll Tax" - T.I.N.A.

"Council Tax"

"Tax increases"
"Interest Rate rises"
"Reduction of civil liberties"
"Increased security"
"Yet more Taxes"
"Why you should vote for us"

Etc ad naseum cont on p. 96 etc,
by rendevous April 16, 2010
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