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Funny SHORT asian girl. Loves to talk a lot of nonsense.

Loves Chinese food and can't stop talking about it.
Tina: Guess what?
Friend: What?
Tina: I had Chinese food :D
by bformvalentine August 06, 2011
67 43
A girl who is easily the most beautiful girl you'll ever lay your eyes on. She has beautiful dark eyes and flowing hair, an amazing ass and a damn sexy figure. All the guys want her.
Player 1: Man... Tina's so beautiful... I think I'm gonna... Faint...
Player 2: HEY! Hold it together bro! *slaps*
by Backstreet Badass January 15, 2014
25 3
A beautiful, unique, perfect girl. She is a girl who deserves to walk on the red carpet, who deserves independence and who is just fabulous. If you have a Tina, be the best friend you can to her and she will become your ying to your yang xoxo
"Who is that, looking amazing?"
"Oh that's Tina, my ying"
"She is so awesome"
"I know"
by Iluxoxo May 15, 2014
10 1
A strong, smart, sensual woman.
Tina from Bob's Burgers had a crap attack once.
by VisibleKitten June 19, 2014
2 0
Acronym for overused phrase "There Is No Alternative".

Recent circulation is due to former U.K. P.M. Margaret "Milk Snatcher / Mine Shutter" Thatcher.

Now often used by numerous unimaginitive politicians desperate to forward yet another bad idea.

When heard the phrase "A Thousand Ways To Skin Cat" should be repeated loudly until said politician stops talking.
"Poll Tax" - T.I.N.A.

"Council Tax"

"Tax increases"
"Interest Rate rises"
"Reduction of civil liberties"
"Increased security"
"Yet more Taxes"
"Why you should vote for us"

Etc ad naseum cont on p. 96 etc,
by rendevous April 16, 2010
5 6
A street name for crystal methamphetamine. Term is used primarily within the homosexual community and derives its name from "Christina," an alliterative nickname for crystal meth.
Hey girl, I've been up all night cleaning my house and having anonymous sex with men after snorting some tina earlier.
by Flossy Spacek September 16, 2009
484 496
Only one of the biggest stoners u will ever meat ,Sexy as hell and loves the multi colerd hair . she is one of the chillest people u will meat ,she is Tiny as fuck , with a little bit of a smoking problame, She is bad ass and can kick ur ass if needed
cant explane Tina is just to amazing
by Tiny tipsy April 13, 2011
35 57