A street name for crystal methamphetamine. Term is used primarily within the homosexual community and derives its name from "Christina," an alliterative nickname for crystal meth.
Hey girl, I've been up all night cleaning my house and having anonymous sex with men after snorting some tina earlier.
by Flossy Spacek September 16, 2009
Only one of the biggest stoners u will ever meat ,Sexy as hell and loves the multi colerd hair . she is one of the chillest people u will meat ,she is Tiny as fuck , with a little bit of a smoking problame, She is bad ass and can kick ur ass if needed
cant explane Tina is just to amazing
by Tiny tipsy April 13, 2011
Stands for Tits in Ass. When a female inserts her nipples in to the ass of a partner.
Dude, I got some great TinA last night.
by BigBird3 March 23, 2011
everything and nothing.
everyone and no one.
everywhere but nowhere.
a religion.
a cult.
your neighbor, your mother, AND your dog.
the meaning of life.
a theory.
a fact.
tina: just look next to you, you'll know
by Ti-nah May 10, 2010
A lesbian stripper, also commonly referred too as the team slut or in Spanish known as "Equipo de puta"
That girl is such a Tina
by Joeshmo236 December 23, 2011
a cougar, with red hair,that loves big trucks and younger guys. Also likes the taste of Rum!
Wow look at tina and that young boyfriend she has and a big truck.
by sewer lady March 26, 2010
a girl that likes to fuck people over, she doesn't care about anyone but her self. A bitch can't even begin to describe what she is. A slut would work.
did you see Marie at the party, she was acting like a tina
by a lover who is me October 20, 2011

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