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Used as a "manly" come back to someone who is either being challenged or it can be offered as a direct challenge to another;

Similar expressions:
"Show me what you got!"
"Do your worst"
"Bring your shit!"
"Go for it!"
Basketball Player 1: "Im gonna slam dunk yo punk ass."

Basketball Player 2: "Ahhhight, bring it bitch. Let's see what you got!"
by toadcheese February 25, 2004
289 61
Another way of saying bring it on. It is a invitation to make someone perform a action.
Watch me destroy you!
Bring it!
by TheTallTale March 09, 2005
189 63
for one to invite you to come forth
bring it bitch
by Tony June 16, 2003
125 63
Kick ass player of rvs, with many adoring fans. Is not a "fudge packer" and will and can not get fooled by anyone (again).
Bringit: Arg, I'm the best!
Groinshot: I agree! Don't hurt me!
Bringit: ha ha ha, kiss my shoes!!
Groinshot: ok ok ok
Diablo: ha ha my names martin, and i thought i could fool Bringit but i was so so wrong!
by Spetsnaz July 30, 2003
2 2
Expression used by losers these days, especially Gen-Y, who thing they're so cool and often wear Usher style sunglasses.
Loser A: "I think I'm so cool, I should eat my own shit"
Loser B: "Bring it!"
by Chowsa Ninja September 13, 2011
23 65