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1) A really good and happy person who influences others to be happy.
1) Ying ying is soo cool
by Will March 15, 2005
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coolest chinese kid around.

teaches freshmen about sand bagging.
"Ying took us to T-Bell and now I'm going to sandbag a hardcore slutface McGee."
by leal April 29, 2005
exquisite little sexy lady!
"dam she is so ying"
by Mister X! June 20, 2006
A Chinese (Cantonese) slang-ish term that describes something/someone really cool.
1. That GT-R is so ying!

2. That's a very ying guy! Kyaa~
by Star Yong August 19, 2010
statment of happiness. extreme hype. somthing totally awesome.
person 1: dude i got the new Sneakers today.

person 2: what kind

person 1: the tight kind

person 2: YING!!
by Tabari Humphires October 01, 2006
Ying, is an exclamatory word, used when surprised suddenly by someone, or something. It is never used in a sentence, only as a one word phrase in response to a surprise. Also the sound the guards make in the videogame "Metal Gear Solid 2", when surprised, in it's written word form. Must be said in the same tone as the sound from the game.
"Hey I just totally $%#$ed your girlfriend!"

by Malonde December 12, 2006
an exclamitory word. it is used when one randomly sneaks up upon an unsuspecting victim, preceded by violently screaming "YING!" in their ear, thereby scaring the shit out of them.
"dude i just yinged the shit out of those beaners mowing that lawn. you should have seen them run back to mexico!"
by jAkE August 07, 2005

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