The most hyperactive loud child you'll ever meet, she never stops talking but in a good way (: If you're upset go to Tina, she'll make you laugh, she's got an AWESOME smile and gorgeous body (: She's a real sweetheart (: Those few random hookups, create amazing memories as embarrassing as they may be.
Guy 1: who's that?!?!
Guy 2: ohhh that's TINA!
Guy 1: she's a babe
Guy 2: well watch out she's a wild one ;)
by herooo rawr.. <3 March 20, 2010
The perfect girl!! Any guy should be so lucky to have her.
great sense of humor, good cook, can't handle her liquor,
loves to sing, dance and PLAY!! Somebody your Mom will LOVE too!!
I wouldn't change a thing about "Tina-"!
by Bratchild February 03, 2010
Tina = 'See with your Heart'
Tina is very beautiful, caring, sweet, kind heart and beautiful soul.
Tina will bring a smile to your face with every word and you will be dazed when
you look into her beautiful eyes. Every guy dreams of finding Tina in life and once
you do never let her go and treat her with respect and love :) Also dont forget
her cheeky side, Tina does have one and you will laugh all night so make sure
to bring it out in her xoxo

'Let our powers combine'
by Tripledeek June 20, 2013
Gender: Feminine

Usage: English, Italian, Slovene, Dutch

Pronounced: TEE-nə (English), TEE-nah (Italian, Dutch) key

Short form of CHRISTINA, MARTINA, and other names ending in tina. In addition to these names, it is also used in Dutch as a diminutive of CATHARINA.
Did you know my mum's name is Tina?
by TamaraDi February 03, 2010
she has very big boobs and very accident prone and has nice legs
Harold: "Hey Jasper, that girl's a real Tina."
Jasper: "I know, she's going to be my wife."
by chanana April 22, 2011
1) A girl's name. Often short for Christina.

2) A slang term to refer to crystal meth (methamphetamine). The term "Tina" comes from a corruption of the word crystal and the name Christina.

Tina is often used as a code word for crystal meth when referring to the drug in a public setting or over the phone where one does not want to openly discuss illegal activities.

Tina is used like a person's name in such discussions. Like saying "Tina is here, you wanna hang out?" to indicate you have some crystal meth and want someone to tweak with.
That bitch Tina kept me up for five days!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
A beautiful, unique, perfect girl. She is a girl who deserves to walk on the red carpet, who deserves independence and who is just fabulous. If you have a Tina, be the best friend you can to her and she will become your ying to your yang xoxo
"Who is that, looking amazing?"
"Oh that's Tina, my ying"
"She is so awesome"
"I know"
by Iluxoxo May 15, 2014

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