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The shortened version of the shoe, timberland
Mai timbs is ill, kikkz is clean
by Genuinely Speaking March 03, 2003
174 34
timberlands, shoes, brand
u wanna say im chinese son well heres a reminder, check yo timbs they probulbly say made in china
by aaaa March 23, 2005
101 48
dress code for the streets
I coped those fold over timbs for my boyfriend because they so gangsta.
by TecTina October 16, 2003
76 56
Titties In My Ballsack.

A shortened swear for situations that warrant that level of implausible imagery.
Me: *steps on a lego while barefoot* SWEET LORD OF TIMBS, THAT HURT!
by Jacks413 January 01, 2014
1 2
another term for marijuana
yo go get that white owl and roll up them timbs nigga
by easy October 07, 2003
17 180