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A cellphone tool that is really useful if you know how to use it, but generally really annoying because you have to decipher people's texts. The general idea is that you only need one keystroke per letter per word (like the word "the" would be "843" However, some words share keystroke combos and it gets really annoying.
Dumbass: Of (me) and my mother are going to watcher mother (movies) Them (Then) we will have able (cake).
Me: Turn off T9 untill you learn how to use it.
by Theamazinghellenkeller July 26, 2005
An entry mode on cell phones to speed up the process of composing a text message. Works well when used properly, however, can cause major confusion when the change key is not pressed.
867-5309: Dude, in imho to the alta tonight. Wot hand?
903-5768: WTF? If you're gunna use T9, press 0!
867-5309: Sorry. I said - Dude, im goin to the club tonight. You game?
by rockydel71 May 04, 2008
Second generation texting software.

Already a lot easier than Multi-tap, because it suggests words from a list when you click only once on each button.
Therefore 'easy' is 2-3-7-9 with T9, instead of 3-3-2-7-7-7-7-9-9-9 with Multi-tap.

T9 is short for 'Text on 9 keys'.

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A: My phone is giving me all these funny words!!

B: Turn off T9 then, you big nerd.
by Milanifan October 16, 2010
When you think someone is going to say one thing but then they say another. Usually a 'i thought you were totally going to say something else' moment.
-We were chilling at my house alone last night when-
-(in your head) you did it
-(what is actually said) the movie came on.
-I totally T9d that sentence. I thought you were going to say something else.
by Salten_scope March 18, 2009
a cell phone dictionary.
it is mainly for texting. <3
person one: "how do you spell: moisture?"
person two: "T9 it!"
by kills_007 May 07, 2009
The action of having sexual intercourse non-stop with a certain person.
Joe: "Yeah, I T9'd this chick all night yesterday"
Brad: "Nice man. You must have a lot of energy in you, because I get exhausted when I T9"
by Nickeedeeh December 06, 2008
to have sexual intercourse, or to bang like there's no tomarrow.
T9 with Jazzy is the best.
by Pally B. December 13, 2007
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