A Celtic supporter,a person of supposedly Irish origin who likes to live on welfare on British shores whilst getting drunk on communion wine and dreaming of their motherland Kerry, they normally suffer gingivitus and have a third eye used to spot the queens shilling(which they supposedldly dislike!!!) on street pavements,they wash infrequently thus making them Mhanky bastards and they have been known to congregate upto 60'000 strong at a so called paradise called the San Giro Stadium - owing to their liking of teh brew,these soap dodgers like terrorists paedos and have affilliations to anybody who dislikes a Rangers fan ie Handsome Devils, they cause riots on aeroplanes due to lack of tobacco and Buckfast intake and would sell their rosary beads for 2 minutes with the pope their lord and master;they also love Gerry Adams,The Pogues and each one has had an encounter with Leprachauns at some drunken stage of their sad existance, they are in short a menace and bitter to Rangers FC Scotlands most successful and premier football club.
That wee smelly guy with ginger hair and freckles must be a TIM

Frankie Boyle the comedian is a typical TIM

A person of lesser education is a TIM

The dole office is full of TIM's today

It must be Giro day when the TIM's are out of their wanking chariots before 2pm

A TIM is a plastic Paddy

All celtic fans are TIM's
by ParkoVanBastenThe3rd September 05, 2010
Top Definition
vb. to sex someone up
n. man with a massive schlong
vb.That whore just got timmed
n.You hear about Bob? He is tim.

by not tim June 26, 2007
A pretty cool guy who likes to talk and joke a lot if you're his friend but is pretty quiet if he doesn't know you.
You think you're funny? Try talking to Tim without laughing.
by SgtDK September 26, 2008
A very fun, funny, intelligent, handsome, sexy, hardworking, and talented guy. Tims are usually very skilled and competent. They are very focused and can do pretty much anything they set their minds to. They make wonderfully loving and devoted partners and fathers, and are sensitive to the needs of their loved ones. They are very loyal friends. If you are fortunate to have a lover who is a Tim, then you must have been Gandhi or Buddha in your past life, and you are probably already a member of NYSTS "Name Your Son 'Tim' Society," a grassroots organization committed to bringing more Tims into the world.
"My Tim worked all day and then came home, made a fire, cooked us dinner, gave me a massage, read to me and then sang me a lullabye."
by Ima Foreal February 02, 2010
An abbreviation for 'Timothy.'
Wow, Tim is so cool!
by Somed00d June 26, 2005
A man who can summon fire without flint or tinder
Arthur: By what name are you known?

Tim: They call me.........Tim.
by okfinewhatever December 20, 2010
Someone caring and kind; who will go out of his way to make someone happy. Outgoing, goodlooking and smart. Hardworker, dedicated husband, boyfriend. Can be jealous at times and jump to conclusions. Likes to help people. funny person to be around and overbearing at times. a person with a big heart
he is so caring.

That is so Tim.
by Caring Tim February 03, 2010
a guy that should be loved very much and should mean the world to you. Tim's are rare, and if you have found one, never let them go.
i love that guy hes my tim
by xheadboy February 04, 2010
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