A manager who clears ones throat while giving the "bra-strap rub"

Sears Manager- Tim
by Bettyharv August 31, 2008
Usually a good-looking guy. He's someone you know you can trust. Tim is a tall, bulky dude who's always down for some fun. If you're having a crisis, you can always count on Tim to help you get through it. He can be a bit crude at times but that's just part of his personality. Tim is an all around good guy to hang with.
Tim: Yo
Person: HI TIM!!!!
by anonymous 😁 March 02, 2015
A huge player who likes to play with every ones hearts. Cannot choose and is a huge tease. Besides all his flaws he is sweet (at times), hot and has an amazingly funny personality.
He is so confusing, hes such a tim.
by PoohBear96 March 18, 2011
Troubled Insecure Masterbator T.I.M
my name is tim and everything about this is true
by timmyferrdaddy April 14, 2008
1.) A short version of the name brand boots "Timberland"
"Nigga, don't step on my Tim's!"
by Brittany_notyourgirl August 28, 2005
The unfortunate event that delays the end of the work day by at least 1 hour.
I walked by almost un-noticed, but then I got timmed and had to stay until 7 p.m.
by joylucky121212 July 10, 2008
A synonym for a fish, or just anything to do with fish.
Look at all those tims swimming around.
by The Brown Recluse October 24, 2008

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