A manager who clears ones throat while giving the "bra-strap rub"

Sears Manager- Tim
by Bettyharv August 31, 2008
A huge player who likes to play with every ones hearts. Cannot choose and is a huge tease. Besides all his flaws he is sweet (at times), hot and has an amazingly funny personality.
He is so confusing, hes such a tim.
by PoohBear96 March 18, 2011
-verb(used with object)
1:to expend the best portion of something; consuming the parts of highest quality while leaving the low quality parts for others.
Please don't tim that bowl, i'd like to taste some of the green too!
She used to look good, before she was timmed.
You don't have a pre-nup? Prepare to be timmed.
by phattwizzat May 04, 2009
1.) A short version of the name brand boots "Timberland"
"Nigga, don't step on my Tim's!"
by Brittany_notyourgirl August 28, 2005
A funny guy who always laughs. He is most of the time attracted to woman with the name Linda. Its very weird.
Wow he's funny! What a Tim!
by Joffreyboy March 23, 2013
a dumbass at times,also a cool person to hang with,and the best brother to have.
Your the opposite of smart Tim!!
by orange-pop July 29, 2014
Verb: To make a sound similar to a giraffe eating a lemon while piloting a car into a mountain.
"Dude, that guy totally just Tim'd".
by Eradescent June 08, 2014

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