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getting the shit kicked out of you by a pair of Timberland boots; presumably in a ghetto context
That guy Keef got timmed when he was set up by some guys he was dealin' to.
by August November 13, 2005
Much like the classic wasted; To bring to a specific state by drinking alcoholic liquors. In the extreme.
Oh Man, I found Darth Vader really attractive last night, I must have been so Timmed
by boove June 13, 2011
See jewed. Hey, sorry, it was a cheap move, I just timmed you. Taran Gilstrap, is nice. Sorry for bing a total jew.

Do not use the same play over and over again at Madden 10, otherwise you are a tim.
We just got "Timmed". It was gay. Nobody wants to get "timmed" but it happens.

Don't get "timmed"
by biganglefan November 12, 2009
To be timmed means you have gotten your daily fix from Tim Horton's, usually coffee.
John refused his co-worker's offer of bland office coffee, he got timmed on the way to work.
by Theresa1120 July 24, 2006
A quality given to a person or object because of Tim.
"I bought some new ice cream, because it has not been timmed"
by teen June 14, 2003