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a guy that should be loved very much and should mean the world to you. Tim's are rare, and if you have found one, never let them go.
i love that guy hes my tim
by xheadboy February 04, 2010
859 407
A generally awesome kid, usually the best friend to lots of girls. Tends to make you jealous without meaning to, and apologizes for many things he doesn't even do. He is quite attractive but you won't do anything about it, because you two are best friends. He wants to be with you and you with him, but you don't want to ruin what you already have. He is extremely athletic, likes hugs (mostly to you) and will always be in your life. His blonde hair and blue eyes are just dazzling, and you could stare at him for a lifetime. Also, you make it your goal to one day hug him and hold him for a long period of time. His smile makes you smile, and his laugh makes you laugh. You guys are meant to be, but you just need to realize it.
I love Tim, and I want him to know it
by BlondeInDisguise October 21, 2010
543 259
Referring to "Timberland" brand boots.
"I was rollin' the streets wearin my Tims."
by Playa November 24, 2002
378 98
-verb(used with object)
1:to expend the best portion of something; consuming the parts of highest quality while leaving the low quality parts for others.
Please don't tim that bowl, i'd like to taste some of the green too!
She used to look good, before she was timmed.
You don't have a pre-nup? Prepare to be timmed.
by phattwizzat May 04, 2009
533 307
He is an amazing guy. He is funny, nice and always there for you. You can count on Tim, you can tell him anything. Trust me. He is pretty damn cute and amazingly sweet. He will always be there for you.
Awwe that guy is being so sweet, what a Tim.
by Summer 'lovin February 13, 2012
286 86
Naturally quiet and loyal with well developed funny bone. Highly intelligent with facts and figures, but deficient in emotional relating with Significant Other. Sometimes unaware of surroundings and needs truth presented boldly in person in order to acknowledge it. Currently sees change as necessary and busy trying to build up his manly sensitive side. Insecure and fearful inspite of being well liked and respected.
"I know you can do that; don't be a tim."

"You're just like Tim, man, he's a genius."
by Scratchgolfer2 April 15, 2010
292 128
Troubled Insecure Masterbator T.I.M
my name is tim and everything about this is true
by timmyferrdaddy April 14, 2008
1054 899