The shit. Better than awesome. Undeniably amazing.
Check out that dude's car...that shit is Tim!
by Tim K of FFW March 31, 2007
A Tim is a guy who loves blonde big titty Bimbos and occasional cock-suck.Yet,he is in denial of his bisexuality.
Fishboy:I had a really good time with Tim last night.
Tits: Good to hear. what did you guys do?
Fishboy:We innitiated cock sucking all night.He is good with his tongue and a great puller too.
Tits:I bet his a good kisser.
Fishboy:nah his more of a puller.
by icecreamman25 December 12, 2010
A huge player who likes to play with every ones hearts. Cannot choose and is a huge tease. Besides all his flaws he is sweet (at times), hot and has an amazingly funny personality.
He is so confusing, hes such a tim.
by PoohBear96 March 18, 2011
The unfortunate event that delays the end of the work day by at least 1 hour.
I walked by almost un-noticed, but then I got timmed and had to stay until 7 p.m.
by joylucky121212 July 10, 2008
The following describe Tim:
Amazing, Pyromaniac, Crazy, Insane, loving, caring
A tim cares about everyone around him but gets mad sometimes when loved ones are threatened. He knows exactly what to say and devotes his life to people around him. He is amazing in every way and he is a good person to have in your life. He has some depression problems but thats why you need a Tim so you can help him!
Brea: I met this amazing guy!
Tayliri: Is his name Tim?
Brea: Yea <3
by ThePlusSizedGirly July 31, 2012
To sleep for a period of time greater than 12 hours and to not have any idea what happens prior to noon.
I had Tim sleep yesterday!
by langmi November 19, 2010
An amazing boy who will steal your heart away. Even if he isn't with you anymore you can't stop thinking about him. Tim's love music and usually have deep green eyes and know exactly what you are thinking and feeling. They have huge hearts and always put those around them before them. They are completely selfless and love everything and everyone.
person 1 - i love this guy but he's moved on.
person 2 - oh that tim guy? i don't blame you,

person 1 - i just miss him and love him so much
by chicklea April 02, 2012

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