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A playful sexual game in which two men attack each other with erect penises.
Carl plays tiddlers with Martin
by Jamesy February 12, 2003
slang word in reference to a boy with a small dick
LOL Maria gone around telling evry1 bout Jamies tiddler!
by BabyDizz April 30, 2005
little humans mainly children and midgets
tiddlers - a groups of children
tiddler -single child and/or midget/dwarf etc
by kafuminapah July 25, 2010
A thin, white line of methodron, ready to be snorted.
j- tiddler for the road?
s- hell yes, rack them up.
by rage against the tiddler. July 28, 2010
tiddlers is a game played with erect penises.
the game is always played by the chimp and only the chimp. he selects his victims at random. carl and martin do occasionally play but they learned everything from the cockmaster himself
by moomin February 12, 2003
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