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A playful sexual game in which two men attack each other with erect penises.
Carl plays tiddlers with Martin
by Jamesy February 12, 2003
can be found owning the dancefloor in downtown usa..most likely after downing crazy amounts of interestingly flavoured drinks..key moments involve..dolly partens "9-5" and "sit down" by james..were..yup you guessed it..he will actually sit down.
Ha you think your drunk..look at FUZ!
Well sure i can dance but not as well as FUZ
I wanna be like FUZ
by Jamesy February 03, 2005
A male who knows how to attract members of the opposite sex
paul is a mingemaster.
by Jamesy February 12, 2003
a male who drinks barcardi breezers
by Jamesy February 12, 2003
a pussy whipped man who lets his g/f control him
ever since flavin dated dianna, he became such a fucking abur!
by Jamesy April 28, 2004
a person who has no perception on reality
by Jamesy February 12, 2003
gay boy (stockports finest)
by Jamesy August 26, 2003
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