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slang word for when somethings bad/unbelievebale/exciteable...depending on the sentence you use it in. Pronounce it raaaaahhhh
Rah! Cristal looks sick
Rah! I can't believe it.
by BabyDizz May 06, 2005
slang word in reference to a boy with a small dick
LOL Maria gone around telling evry1 bout Jamies tiddler!
by BabyDizz April 30, 2005
Slang word for a girl with a curvy ass, see the movie Thirteen.
That slut ain't got shit on THESE double-cheesburgers!
by BabyDizz May 06, 2005
Spanish for a guys penis
I saw Kayla checking Bobs el pene
by BabyDizz May 01, 2005
Nickname for Dizzee Rascal, which he uses reguarly in his songz.
Fix Up Look Sharp: You better send your best boys, cos this is Captain Rascal
by BabyDizz May 01, 2005
Way of calling someone a prick, or an asshole. Refers to the stuff under a guys foreskin
Jamie is being such a knobcheese today
by BabyDizz May 01, 2005
Descibes a way of realllyy lovin and obessing ova someone
Nick iz in deep with Shawna
by BabyDizz April 30, 2005

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