Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls. Started by the best rap group in history, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.
Layzie Bone: It's all about Mo' Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls. (T.H.U.G.S.)
by juicyjay4200 July 20, 2010
a person who is a cholo, they might belong to 69th street and be a 69er, they are as thug as it gets. the word was invented to describe ricardo g. hes straight up gangster. a lot of people wanna be thugs but cnt, THUG LIFE
thug life is my life
by JERKER19 July 18, 2010
Making something out of your life, even though it hasnt been an easy one. Like Tupac said:

"I call myself a THUG, because i grew up in the ghetto, and Im still standing"

THUG LIFE - The Hate U Gave Lil Infants FUcks Everyone!
1] "I call myself a THUG, because i grew up in the ghetto, and Im still standing" - Tupac
2]THUG LIFE - The Hate U Gave Lil Infants FUcks Everyone!- Tupac tatoo (THUG-LIFE)
by Whyte Lye April 09, 2010
"Tony Hawk Underground Dweller"
Noun: a person that does or has played the right amount of the popular video game "Toney Hawk's Underground."
Guy 1-Dude did you see that 720 Benihana?!?!
Guy 2-I know man, your so thug it's rediculous!

Noun; A man, genarally black, (but white and asian specimens have been spotted worldwide) that may or may not have gang related ties. A thug(wannabe) may wear his pants below the waist.
In general thugs(wannabe) have an I.Q. of around 20 points, wich explains their compleat inability to comprehend the use of a belt.
A thug(wannabe) is not to be confused with a real thug.
For example: Eazy-e is a thug
The white guy at my school that thinks hes a hard ass because he wears baggy basketball jerseys is a wannabe.
by ticktickconboom April 09, 2009
A word describing an O.G., or "Original Gangsta." This person may not live the lifestyle of a real thug, but they damn sure act like they do.
Gui smacked his bitch up for his 75 percent share of that dime, he is such a T Hug
by March 10, 2009
True Hearts Under God
"Did you see the T.H.U.G.'s?"
"The ones with guns?"
"Naw the christians"
by Rolando Jimenez October 15, 2007
Tru hero under God..

A person who does what they have to do to survive..
That boy there sho is a T.H.U.G. always on that corner helpin averybody out...
by Mr. Hungupinyo September 30, 2007

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