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3 definitions by DonaldTheG

(n) Another synonym for hundred spokes or vogues. Lot of rappers will be sittin on knockoffs.
I got an escalade on knockoffs, I keep a glass house inside of my mouth, I use Codeine so I will not cough.
by DonaldTheG April 16, 2006
5 3
Dirty South slang; a truck that is so clean, with rims so big, it's won at least 1 car show. Therefore becoming the trophy truck.
''me and big tuck bluntin' in the trophy truck''
by DonaldTheG September 30, 2006
5 22
True Hero Under God.
Just be cause im a thug i shouldnt be locked behind bars because my acronym for thug is True Hero Under God.
by DonaldTheG May 10, 2006
31 244