A person who at excelles at everything they do. they are also belived to have an enrgy/auroa of Thuggery
Did you see him block that shot? what a thug.
by jayswag October 15, 2011
Someone that can make something out of nothing.

Tupac Shakur is a thug.
by austin.t July 23, 2011
Never having to say you're sorry.
"Thug means never having to say you're sorry".
by WordAlert December 02, 2010
Means never having to say your sorry.
Hey. I'm a thug. I just knocked something of yours over. And I'm not sorry.
by D.J. K0$H3R October 11, 2010
A slang word commonly used to describe a person ( usually an african american male ). The word relates to a person being "straight up" and "forward". More of a way to express a man thats agressive and somewhat sexy. He gets into a lot of trouble. Usually mistaken as a bad thing and stereotyped. Women commonly use it to describe their partners or describe them playfully.
Girl 1: Damn! He Sexy As Hell!
Girl 2: Girl you don't want him, he's a Thug!
Girl 1: Oh I want a thug!
by pinmeupgirl September 30, 2010
Someone who is a hardcore gangsta., like Diamond Tillman.
Q: Yo, you heard of Diamond Tillman?
A: Yea, she's a thug.
by balaholic934 September 22, 2010
Means never having to say I'm sorry...
Shut up bitch! I'm a thug!
by Cr4zyCr4ck3r July 30, 2010

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