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Gruff: (N) The prickly facial hair on a male human. Often makes a male appear more mature than he actually is. Is greatly appreciated in many cultures, and seen as an attractive "boost".
"Wow, he is really hott!"
"Of course he is... he has gruff"
by caliiii November 26, 2007
Gruff - A vile word to describe a person or object with horrible and disgusting feats. No words can describe the disgustingness of a 'Gruff' person or object - with the exception of 'Gruff' itself.
Charlie: Argh she is vile!
Oliver: No, she's worse, she's gruff!
by Portchy January 02, 2011
According to girls (Elana) Gruff is the term used for a man who is rugged in terms of appearance or behaviour. An attractive feature.
But Chris is a nice guy, he has Gruff, it makes him attractive.
by ChrisXL August 21, 2005
A crusty exterior

To speak while laughing histerically
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Aw, this chair is really gruff

She was telling me about what was so funny at the football game yesterday, but all I heard was gruff
by Khorn October 06, 2006
Someone who looks or acts like they have a disability or are retarded.
Gee what is Russ doing there, he is such a Gruff.
by Gruffboy July 12, 2015
the word gruff describes a particualar type of grim muff therefore gruff
"woo joe look at that complete gruff in the corner"
"ya ,but she's my mum so ye"
by the goth fairy July 31, 2009
The worst adjective possible to describe someone or something. There is no other word that is worse than gruff except for gruff itself!
Isabella is gruff.
by Swag_Master69 January 10, 2014

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