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A Mafia member.
by AYB March 30, 2003
455 50
An Italian/Sicilan sworn by the Code of Honor (Omerta) into La Cosa Nostra.
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
285 69
Mind control device introduced into MySpace to induce thousands of normally rational people into sending friend requests to hundreds of total strangers.
Add me to your mob in mobsters!
by Wayne the Brain July 19, 2008
73 16
a great man
by Attila Kuti October 25, 2003
120 209
Bad Ass who loves to roll deep.
Hey nigga dont fuck wit him hes a mobsta
by badasswhiteboy May 06, 2003
68 181
A fat line of sniffable powder substance, most likely cocaine.
Yo B hook it up with a mobster.
by jrs-one May 28, 2005
40 186
When someone thinks they are special they call themselves a mobster, they are more than likely a little p00f, its not the 1950's any fucking more
'ooo im a mobster i am mega hard and coooooo-el' <--- sarcasm there
by Dan Rodgers November 20, 2004
51 197