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A slang word commonly used to describe a person ( usually an african american male ). The word relates to a person being "straight up" and "forward". More of a way to express a man thats agressive and somewhat sexy. He gets into a lot of trouble. Usually mistaken as a bad thing and stereotyped. Women commonly use it to describe their partners or describe them playfully.
Girl 1: Damn! He Sexy As Hell!
Girl 2: Girl you don't want him, he's a Thug!
Girl 1: Oh I want a thug!
by pinmeupgirl September 30, 2010
Someone who is a hardcore gangsta., like Diamond Tillman.
Q: Yo, you heard of Diamond Tillman?
A: Yea, she's a thug.
by balaholic934 September 22, 2010
Means never having to say I'm sorry...
Shut up bitch! I'm a thug!
by Cr4zyCr4ck3r July 30, 2010
Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls. Started by the best rap group in history, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.
Layzie Bone: It's all about Mo' Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls. (T.H.U.G.S.)
by juicyjay4200 July 20, 2010
a person who is a cholo, they might belong to 69th street and be a 69er, they are as thug as it gets. the word was invented to describe ricardo g. hes straight up gangster. a lot of people wanna be thugs but cnt, THUG LIFE
thug life is my life
by JERKER19 July 18, 2010
Thug and Gangster, or "gangsta" as the kids spell it, is not different than any other word for a Hoodlum or street urchin, thief, etc. Thug, in proper context is a degenerate and someone who disregards the law or moral code for monetary or social gain. represents the worst part of society when not checked. Thugs may be "placed" into this type of life by "circumstances" above there own, but ACCOUNTABILITY at a certain ages is usually a wake up call to future actions. If that said individual beyond the age of 18, continuing in a "thug" manner is no fault but His/or her own. This is America and there are schools, trade schools/after school and weekend programs for just about every facet of young adult life that can keep most kids off the street, the few that continue do so under their own will, they only have their selves to blame and us taxes have to foot the bill to keep them in and out of prison.
There is no excuse to be 'thug' in 21st century North America, this lifestyle has been glamorized too much in Rap/Teen and Urban mainstream music and media. Honest Hard work, good upbringing or good morals can be obtained by most Americans, this is from a 26yrold Black Male. Be a Positive and not contribute to the aimless negative of society.
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010
Making something out of your life, even though it hasnt been an easy one. Like Tupac said:

"I call myself a THUG, because i grew up in the ghetto, and Im still standing"

THUG LIFE - The Hate U Gave Lil Infants FUcks Everyone!
1] "I call myself a THUG, because i grew up in the ghetto, and Im still standing" - Tupac
2]THUG LIFE - The Hate U Gave Lil Infants FUcks Everyone!- Tupac tatoo (THUG-LIFE)
by Whyte Lye April 09, 2010