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13 definitions by zig

n. the act of pulling upwards on the waistband of the recipient's underwear with sufficient force to snap the underwear. In extreme cases this results in complete removal of the underwear. Most easily performed on someone wearing a thong.
Kath's thong was clearly visible above the top of her jeans, inviting a turbo wedgie.
by Zig April 28, 2004
When you bust a huge load of spunk in your roomates bottom bunk bed and it sticks to the bottom of the top bed. You do this right before your roommate goes to bed so the spunk drips down on him as he sleeps.
Dude, Ed got wasted and just passed out in the spunk bed!
by Zig August 04, 2005
a variation of "pwned" or "pwnt"
O!LL j00r7EH PR4Wn7~!!
by Zig January 06, 2004
In the age of outhouses, the honey pot was the pot one would urinate in if they didn't fee like going outside to the outhouse.
There was a blizzard, so Henry decided to use the honey pot instead of freezing his ass off.
by ZIG January 04, 2005
Farting in bed, waiting for it to stew, then quickly lifting up the covers and dropping them, creating a fart wave.
I hit her with a nasty dutch fan last night.
by zig April 23, 2003
Thought to be the missing link, is actually an advanced version of human that tends to shy away from it's evelutionary kin because of the knowledge that humans are panicky creatures. Tend to prefer meat, and have a fondness for the word 'monkey.'
"The yeti is a god!"
by Zig March 13, 2003
Bus driver ass. The way a bus driver's ass retains the shape of their seat when not in the bus. Usually a large, unpleasant ass you can rest a six-pack on.
I saw our bus driver at the store. Her BDA was in full effect.
by Zig January 26, 2005