someone whos cool, awesome
"Hey man he's the shit!!"
by isthisfuckingnametakin??? December 31, 2008
Australian slang for a state of profound unhappiness.
"you give me the shits", "i've got the shits", "that shits me", "that REALLY shits me", "you shit me", "it's really shitting me right now", "what a shitter", "i've had a shitter of a day".
by John Phillip July 31, 2006
A word developed by people with limited vocabulary.
Means 'the best' or 'greatest'
That car is the shit
by Logan Speed October 28, 2005
A reference to something great or awesome.
I'm the shit!
by spg November 13, 2003
The best of the best. Nothing greater than it. Not to be confused with shit, which is the most often the complete opposite of THE shit.
Frank Moneymaker is the shit!
by bubba02 February 05, 2014
Maryland Choc Chip & Hazlenut Cookies
"Have you tried these cookies Hannah?


Yeah, they're the shit"
by mivelmo May 10, 2010
it is the shit most men have in their lives that is so big that it hurts enough to stop you being gay, due to the fact that it hurt having a shit like that so it would hurt more to have a penis up your bum.
you know when you hav had The Shit when you have to hold onto objects in the bathroom for support
omg dude, i just had The Shit!!!!

well i knw i won't be gay, i've had The Shit
by Da Scrummage King May 04, 2010

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