Used to express how awesome, amazing, cool, or down right killer something was.
That Red Hot Chili Peppers consert was the shit!
by Tyler Reinsmith April 22, 2008
One whom kicks ass. Also they are bad ass.
Yoda is the shit.
by Skoggs March 20, 2010
''The shit'' is to describe something that is considered awesome or amazing.

Not to be mistaken as ''Shit''
As in, ''That Hitler was a real shit.''
"Dude! this Ice cream is the shit!''
by II Sammeh II August 30, 2010
someone whos cool, awesome
"Hey man he's the shit!!"
by isthisfuckingnametakin??? December 31, 2008
n. Someone who is highly praised for their skills after successfully completing an act of high difficulty or something that is highly regarded as being the best in its class.
Guy 1: "Did you just see me kill that bird with an apple? I am f****n awesome!"

Guy 2: "Yeah dude, that was sick! You are The Shit!"

Guy 1: "Nah bro, Jesus was The Shit!"
by Scott Bennett December 25, 2008
"The Shit" is an endearing term used to refer to a person, place, or thing that is the best or close to it in its category.
Chris Ferguson is so good at poker. He is THE SHIT.

That roller coaster was the best in the park. It is THE SHIT.
by skizziks November 07, 2008
Wizardmstr is the shit
by Connor hthfth July 19, 2008

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