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In corporate doublespeak, sunsetting something means stopping to do something, eg. a project or different aspects of the job.
We need to sunset that initiative we started last year.
I can't believe they want to sunset the dental benefit!
#sunset #corporation #euphemism #doublespeak #manager
by 404dude April 10, 2008
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one of the prettiest things you will ever experience. you watch it with a girl and tell her she's just as beautiful as it is and sleep until morning and watch the sunrise. also a pretty nickname for an amazing girl just as pretty as a sunset in the sky
'little baby your as pretty as the sunset'
#girl #beautiful #sunrise #amazing #sky
by yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa April 13, 2009
The most hardcore of all the neighborhoods in frisco. It is also ruled by the Sunset Savagez
No one goes to the Sunset cuz they want to live the rest of their life (Cole and Taylor)
by Yo momma February 08, 2005
when you lose all information and it cannot be be recovered
I sunsets my database today!!!
#sunsets #data #lost #sunrise #rise #fall
by pup101 August 09, 2006
When the front of a girls dress/top is so low that the upper half of her tit(s) can be seen, resembling a sunset.
Guy 1: Dude check out that chick Lillie, she has a really nice sunset going down.
Guy 2: Quick, hold my drink while I hack it real quick. (Shoves hand in pants)
#tits #nip slip #cleavage #boobs #jugs
by 1415926 February 20, 2015
An evil thug that intimidates everyone he comes in contact with. Also known as the king of Mexico by all his people. Even people who don't know him grow fearful at the mention of his name.
Yo did you hear what the king did? Yea man, king sunset just threw that guy in the dungeon after he served him food at metro for 24 years.
#sunset #king #of #mexico #king of mexico #ryerson
by bobmarley- March 18, 2010
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