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High superiority. Unbeatable. Victor and Sean.
We are the shit, no doubt about it.
by VictorM January 08, 2006
something thats the stuff or the best
Dude that game is THE SHIT
by swean November 04, 2005
The shit is what we like to call something awesome or spectacular.
Have you seen Daniel lately??? Because he is The Shit
by Daniel February 13, 2005
Something that is overly amazing and awesome.
Whitney Koehl is the shit says Skipper. Agree or get attacked by midgets with one arm.
by Skipper! October 26, 2009
Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple
Sunset Beach
I'm at the shit.
by justinistheshit September 07, 2009
the best, the coolest, ex:best looking, best sounding,
That car is the shit!
by TTownRobin March 14, 2008
The best. What everyone is talking about. What everyone is afraid of.
Tristan's jam was the shit.

Ayo, this chron is the shit freshy was runnin' bout.

Emilio wasn't afraid of shit, he didn't run away from shit, cuz he was the shit.
by AlphaQ January 13, 2006