The best. What everyone is talking about. What everyone is afraid of.
Tristan's jam was the shit.

Ayo, this chron is the shit freshy was runnin' bout.

Emilio wasn't afraid of shit, he didn't run away from shit, cuz he was the shit.
by AlphaQ January 13, 2006
Something very wonderful or pleasant.
Dude, this movie has to be the shit! It's rated xxx!
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
Awesome, God-like, Beyond God-like. Almost at Chuck Norris status. Eg. The two guys in 'Sex Drive'.
Nerd: How do you get the confidence to hit on all these hot girls?
Guy: ...cos we're The Shit.
by Maddawg G August 09, 2009
The good human attributes that contribute to success.
With his overall excellent physical and mental facilities, health and financial savvy, he has the shits to acquire and maintain his independent, mortgage-free, rent-free, leisurely and sporting life, even with a wife and several children. I'm not so endowed.
by Milt Alwin December 10, 2008
the best; great. when the word "the" is taken away, it has a completely opposite meaning.
"my father was a drug dealer"
"that must have been the shit!"
"it ruined his life and landed him in jail!"
"that must have been shitty."
by ella October 30, 2004
the best, jassy, fucking awesome
she thinks she the shit just cuz all the guys like her...
by crunksta08 May 13, 2004
translates to the best or really good.
Nigga #1: Ayo, wuz dat smell?

Nigga #2: Daz me nigga, cuz I'm tha shit!

Group: Ohhhhh!
by Skario April 23, 2004
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